Thursday, July 8, 2010

Women's Open Day 1

Whew! I have a headache and I'm exhausted and I didn't even play 18 today! It was as hot, muggy and still a day that I've experienced in quite some time. Let's take a moment to honor the players today that survived Oakmont in extremely exasperating conditions. Just try and have the patience and focus to get around that track in 75 or less! 7 players shot even par or less today, with Brittany Lang leading the way at -2. Remember back in 07 when the men played the Open here, there were only 8 sub par rounds in the 437 played throughout the week. So far, the women have 5!

Big surprise of the day was Kelli Shean! She was the first to post a sub par round of 70 and held the lead for about 3 hours. She is a 22 year old from Cape Town, South Africa who will be a senior at Arkansas. She's the number one player on their team and won her first collegiate tournament this last season. Kelli just took up the game 7 years ago at age 15 and look how far she's come. She played with poise and assurance and was completely charming! Not to mention that she is hearing impaired which has been a hurdle I'm sure.

It will be interesting to see how the players adjust and play the course tomorrow. My bet is the course will still come out on top....the stroke average today was 6 over par (77) when I left the course. Low 60 and ties will make the cut or anyone within 10 shots of the lead. Could be a large cut!


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