Thursday, December 31, 2009


Just got back an hour ago from seeing Avatar in 3D at the Kabuki theater. It was simply amazing! Visually it was stunning and the story was pretty good too, although predictable. It was my first 3D experience in over 20 years. In fact, I couldn't even tell you what the last movie I saw in 3D was called it was that unremarkable. At the end of Avatar, I felt as though I had been transported to another world and was a part of the action. I loved the colors, plants, animals, flowers and the Avatars themselves. My only criticism is that it was a tad too long, mostly due to the gratuitous over the top final combat scene....I'm not a fan of dragging out an end just to see more special effects. If you see it at night, plan on staying up for awhile. It's hard to go to asleep after that kind of stimulation. Enjoy!

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